NAS4Free CIFS/SMB setup

In this post I will show how to create a shared folder on your local network with CIFS/SMB. This is the simplest way to accomplish this and does not involve any command line-jitsu. Following these simple steps will allow you to easily share files between computers on the network. First, create a dataset (if you… Read More »

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and PC Building 2016

It’s that time of year again when deal shoppers take to the stores and try to snag a bargain buy. As online shopping continues to increase, brick and mortar stores are starting their Black Friday sales weeks earlier in hopes to win back sales. With Amazon, Newegg, Frys, B&H, and Jet you won’t have to… Read More »

How to install Plex on NAS4Free

One of the most popular uses of NAS4Free is to host a Plex server that can serve media files to devices on your network. Plex is supported on a variety of platforms, but having support for FreeBSD is just icing on the cake. “The power to serve” is motto of the FreeBSD foundation, and with… Read More »

Shut Your Pi-hole: Ad Blocking with the Raspberry Pi

Around 10 months ago, Pi-hole – an open source software that runs on Raspberry Pis and filters network traffic, made its debut and has been a popular topic in certain Raspberry Pi circles. The appeal of running Pi-Hole to block ads on your network can be explained succinctly: the software is easy to install, it blocks… Read More »

Debugging your Python code: The Pong Method

Hello Pythonistas. I’m going to present to you a method for debugging your Python scripts that should greatly increase your productivity if you aren’t already doing something similar. Recently, I was making some changes to a script that I had been working on, when I realized it had become a little too bulky to be… Read More »

The year after University

This post aims to tell the story of life after graduation. With the help of data I gathered from the beginning of my school and job search, I will show the outcome of a graduate with a degree in the college of liberal arts and sciences, with a major that is not known for its job… Read More »

Python Anagram Tutorial with nltk and collections

Here I will show the code I used to solve the problem of “given this word, find any other words with the same number of letters and the same kinds of letters”. We’ll make use of a great library, nltk (natural language tool kit) and the collections module. Here’s a basic illustration of an anagram.… Read More »

How to Build a Budget NAS Machine

Intel build AMD build Other parts, operating systems, and more reading Bonus build A small bit on RAID The failure debate Conclusion As consumer PC parts become increasingly available and affordable, more and more people are taking on the project of building their own PC. A NAS machine, or a computer that specializes in network attached… Read More »

The Raspberry Pi Zero as a Dedicated VPN

In this post I’ll show how to quickly setup OpenVPN on your Pi with PiVPN. If you repeat the process I took setting this up you should have little to no problem . How many clients can a Pi serve? I’ve read reports of 3-4, possibly as much as 10, with older Pi’s and Pi… Read More »

How I got a new smartphone for $100

It had been a while since I got my (first) smartphone. I entered the smartphone arena later than most, and I hung onto my android phone for nearly 5 years. Over the last few months many of my friends and family were getting new phones. I began thinking things like “It would really be nice to… Read More »