Privacy Policy

Visitors’ privacy is imperative. Personal information recorded by the web server is minimal. See the details below:

  • Collection and use – personal information is not collected, though basic demographic information like gender and age is used in traffic reports.
  • Log Data – IP addresses and browser type are displayed temporarily for each visitor to provide basic traffic statistics and as a security precaution.
  • Links to other sites – external links present in the website sometimes direct readers to unaffiliated websites. Content on these pages is outside of our control and subject to change over time. Please read the privacy policies of the links you follow.
  • Cookies – currently, cookies may be stored on your computer purely for web analytic reasons. Users with Google Analytics cookies will provide additional demographic information to traffic reports.
  • Submitted content – all comments are publicly visible and unrestricted on the internet. Users should submit comments accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy, please contact the website administrator: [transposed.messenger{AT}]

As of 4.21.2016 this website uses Google Analytics User IDs. This change allows the behavior of sessions to be tracked for analysis. Personally identifiable information is not stored or used (logins, email information, etc) for these purposes. All do not track requests are honored.